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Five Tips To Get The Most Out Of Redesigning Your Workplace

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Recent studies show that employees are encouraged to complete their tasks or jobs for the day when the offices they work in are designed well. Additionally, when employees in the offices are happy, they are more likely to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in their work. Thus redesigning your office to create an encouraging, accessible, and interesting workplace will improve morale and boost employee contribution to your company.

However, redesigning an office or a workplace isn’t as easy as revamping a house. There are many considerations that you need to look into. To help you create a workplace that will effectively help you increase employee productivity, Eau Claire Business Interiors has listed five tips to get the most out of redesigning your workplace. 

Tip #1: Know your space (activity-based planning)
The first question that should be asked when redesigning a workspace is, “what tasks and activities occur within our workplace?” This will lead to the next question, which is, “what are our needs?” An activity-based floor plan offers many types of spaces that support a wide variety of work activities, including both individual and teamwork. It provides versatility in the workplace and encourages planning your space around the activities that will occur there to create a focused and task-driven workplace.

Tip #2: Think about technology and mobility
It is crucial to provide flexible power options to support multiple users and technologies. This makes spaces more inviting and functional for both long-term and short-term users, especially when a variety of seating is provided, along with relevant technology and easy power access. In conference rooms, teams remain collaborative and productive with surface-integrated power access and media mounts located within the conference table.

Tip #3: Wellness and user choice
Numerous factors influence worker performance, such as ownership, personalization, the identity of space, access, control, and autonomy. So ensure ergonomic options are available to support individual work styles. Add plants to reduce stress, increase creativity, and improve the office’s air quality. Similarly, design the space to promote user choice and wellness, employees will feel healthier and have a sense of belonging, which can boost productivity.

Tip #4: Create a flexible environment
Providing a flexible environment allows employees to reconfigure their space to meet their needs. Both employees and teams benefit from clear territories that they control. A height-adjustable desk is one of the simplest solutions to create a flexible environment. Not only does this allow the employee to choose how they want to work throughout the day, but it also promotes movement and workplace wellness.

Tip #5: Use the four S’s of workplace application
a. Space division - like panels, surfaces, screens, doors, and walls.

b. Surfaces - such as work surfaces, tables and desks, counters, and ancillary tables.

c. Storage - like lateral files, credenzas, and towers or lockers.

d. Seating - such as task (office) chairs, guest and multi-purpose seating, lounge, and cushioned storage.

Categorizing these four applications makes it easier to sort through all the possible options and discuss preferences and trade-offs for each component, which improves decision making. It reduces complexity and takes the guesswork out of what kind of products and furniture are needed. Users can make more informed decisions as they know what they are choosing, and more importantly, why their choices best fit their business’s needs.

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