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sound masking and accoustics

Sound Masking

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  • Sound masking is engineered to cover up the frequency of human speech and make conversations less distracting.
  • It reduces how far away conversations can be heard and understood by others.
  • Sound masking raises the ambient background sound to a level called “speech privacy” to help achieve the right “signal to noise” ratio.
  • An improvement of overall concentration, productivity and comfort are the main benefits of sound masking.
  • Sound masking can prevent distractions in the workplace, such as loud phone conversations, collaborative talk, an impromptu call for a meeting. All these distractions can break an employee’s focus.
  • Even extremely silent environments can cause problems, as the smallest disturbance can become a big issue.
  • Sound masking creates a happy-medium between loud, noisy environments and library-quiet workspaces that make people self-conscious.
  • Employee productivity can increase up to 20% when a sound masking solution is implemented.
  • More than 80% of workers say that they would be more productive if acoustic privacy was provided in their workspace.
  • It takes 15-25 minutes for the typical worker to recover from a noise distraction in the workplace.

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