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Overbed Tables |  Occasional Tables |  Mobile Tables

  • Overbed Tables

    Overbed tables offer storage and convenience that provides support for patients and caregivers. They support quality care delivery and consultative moments between caregiver, patients and their families. These moments for knowledge sharing allow positive connections and faster recoveries.

  • Occasional Tables

    We provide occasional tables that are innovative and have high-value methods to maintain necessary properties, like strength, cleanability, and durability. Need tables with power options? No worries! When the power of connectivity is important, we have integrated technology options to support users. 

  • Mobile Tables

    Today, more than ever caregivers require the proper tools and support to help them connect positively with their patients. Opportunities for conversation, exploration, and discovery lead caregivers and patients toward better outcomes. Mobile work tables empower caregivers with flexibility and efficiency in their daily delivery of care.