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Allsteel Seek Multipurpose Chair- Black Frame


Brand/Manufacturer: Allsteel


Color: Grade 4 Dolce Peacock (100% polyurethane for easy cleaning) Upholstered Seat with Mesh Back.

Frame Finish: Black

Seek is a multi-purpose chair designed for today's ever-changing work environments that require durability, versatility, and beauty. Its light-weight mobile design is idea for multi-purpose settings, such as adjunct learning areas, conference rooms, classrooms, training rooms, and cafes.

The idea has always been to provide seating that one can sit in...no on. Seek achieves this with a deceptively simple design that conforms to the shape and movement of each user's body. Its pivoting back allows for natural shifts in posture while intuitively distributing lumbar support. The contoured seat reduces pressure points and evenly distributes weight for long-term comfort. So sit back, relax, and let Seek do all the work.

  • Confident Performance: Seek is perfect for multi-purpose spaces where you need a chair that is versatile, durable, and ready to work. Seek reduces storage footprint and provides mobility to support agile working environments.
  • Functional Design: Seek is designed for easy maneuverability and innovative support. Its lightweight, mobile design is comfortable enough for all-day use.
  • Whether used as a side chair or as training room seating, Seek is suitable for all office settings. 
  • Seek chairs nest and stack for high-density storage, opening the space for new uses.


  • A pivoting back moves with the user's body position and posture.
  • A contoured seat reduces pressure points and evenly distributes weight for long-term comfort.
  • Curved arms, which accommodates differences in elbow height.
  • Versatile multi-surface casters for hard or soft surfaces.
  • Upholstered seat with a mesh back. 
  • Seek offers the ability to stack, to nest, and to nest the stacks for optimum space efficiency.
    • The seat folds up so multiple chairs nest together like grocery carts.
    • 4 nested chairs can move or store together in a discrete 37" of space.
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